hi there! i'm sydney walters, the maker & designer behind GREYBOY (inspired by my two sons, lincoln grey & julius grey) my mini assistants love being a part of the process & I love sharing my passion with them. art education is in my blood, which fuels the DIY party of my brand. 

GREYBOY is a gender neutral brand with playful, quirky designs. built on creating space for openness and acceptance. hoping to spark creativity and adding in some nostalgia for parents. everything is drawn & printed in Chicago.

our DIY workshops, allows kids to "design it yourself." are you a chicagoan too? -- We host DIY events and workshops around the city -- follow us on instagram (@greyboyshop) to stay up to date with all our events.

interested in freelance design work? or wanna collaborate? always looking for like minded companies and projects. if you are interested in more info please contact me. [design work]

say hi : hello@greyboyshop.com